Dell Inspiron 1520 – Windows 7 64 bit drivers

I have installed the new Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit on my Dell Inspiron 1520 Laptop. I can only say that it was worth installing it. Because of the lack of support from Dell (although this laptop is fully 64 bit capable), one has to find some of the drivers itself. I will list here the incompatible drivers that you need, in order for the laptop to work properly with Windows 7 64bit:

1. Missing driver for Ricoh R5C833, R5C847. Corresponding driver can be downloaded here.

2. Synaptics Touchpad / Pointing Stick driver can be downloaded here.

3. Dell Quickset program can be downloaded here.

4. The NVIDIA GeForce 8600M driver can be downloaded from this site. Just download the latest driver, and you are set to go. (Hint: This site and the drivers on it can be actually used for any NVIDIA Graphics card.)

5. If you have problems with the external microphone, or some kind of audio problem, and your audio card is: SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio, then please download the driver here.

6. Dell Wireless 355 Bluetooth Module (Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR) can be downloaded here.

7. Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility for the GM965 mobile chipset can be downloaded here.

8. Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (earlier called Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager) can be downloaded here.

I hope that this post will help others that encountered the same problems with Dell drivers on their Dell Inspiron 1520, but want to use the new Windows 7 64 bit.

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195 Responses to Dell Inspiron 1520 – Windows 7 64 bit drivers

  1. Gurdain says:

    Thanks a lot

    I have too installed Windows 7 on my 1520

    Windows 7 found the Ricoh driver from Dell all by itself, which is amazing

    Thanks for providing the touchpad, quickset drivers.

    I have the 8400 GS graphics chip, which I couldn’t find drivers for – I went to nvidia’s page and they offer mobile drivers there which are working perfectly!

  2. mileski says:

    Hi Gurdain,

    just use the same website that I’ve put in the blog for the NVIDIA GeForce 8600. The same driver actually supports all NVIDIA cards.

  3. Richard says:

    Phew thanks a bunch :O)
    I have just installed windows 7 x64 over my vista x32 and its suprising how annoying it is to get these drivers from dell.
    I was told that a good way to get the drivers is to also choose a x64 windows 7 laptop off of the dell website and use them, but im not entirely sure that this will work owing to the drivers probably be for that particular model of laptop.
    The drivers you listed helped me out loads so thanks again, but to get the rest of the drivers would you suggest me to use the windows update option or go by my previously stated option of downloading the drivers off another x64 laptop?

  4. mileski says:

    Hi Richard,

    I suggest that you install everything that Windows Update offers you, and after that, if there are still drivers missing, you should find a newer Dell Laptop with windows 7 support, and compare the devices on it, with the ones on your laptop. If they are the same, you can download those from the newer Laptop. If you have problems finding some of them, just post here which drivers do you need, and we’ll try to help you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering if anyone has a link to dload the win7 64-bit drivers for audio on the inspiron 1520 coz my mic (ext and int) are not being recognized :(

    Previously i used the dell site to get the soundmax drivers but now i’m clueless…

    Please help!

  6. Jaun says:

    Thanks for this man, you just saved me a lot of time :D

  7. mileski says:

    Hi Anonymous,

    if your sound device is SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio, then please check the driver under point 5 in the post (I have updated it). If not, then please tell us what sound device you have, so someone can help you.

  8. sticko213 says:

    hello i have a same problems. can i driver for window 7 on dell inspiron 1520 32bit. can this one’s work on 32 bit ?

  9. Vish says:

    Thanks a lot u guys for givin ur xperiances on 1520 inspiron win 7.

    I have 1520 inspiron with 32 bit vista & de laptop is 64 bit capable so do I need to perform a clean install or do I just install win7 on vista. I’m plannin to do the install tommorrow so ur views will be appreciated.

  10. mileski says:

    Hi sticko213,

    this is only for a 64 bit Windows. Not for a 32 bit. For a 32 bit Windows on your laptop you already have drivers on the Dell website. The laptop actually comes with Vista pre-installed 32 bit. So the same drivers work also for Windows 7.

  11. mileski says:

    Hi Vish,

    an Upgrade from a 32bit operating system to a 64bit cannot be made. You have to make a clean install. So, that is the answer of your question. ;) Just go with the 64bit. It’s worth it.

  12. vish says:

    thank mileski,

    ive done the clean install as soon as i read your reply.

    i am currently downloadin the drivers from ur blog….. i’ll let u know if i need ur guidance….


  13. vdc says:

    thanks man. nice and clean. thaks a lot :)

  14. kevin says:

    how about the Bluetooth driver?

  15. Tuna says:

    What about the Dell Media direct?

    Let me tell you what did i do.

    i bought a new 500 gb HDD and pu it inside.

    Then i insert the Media direct DVD then i split HDD with that DVD.

    Then i installed Win 7 x64. After all drivers had installed, i installed Dell Media Direct Software.

    Laptop is off and when i click the Media Direct button which is near the power button it seems to open the media direct ( the image bla bla) but it opens Win 7.

    I have got no idea. What should i do? Did u solve that?

    Thanks by the way…

  16. mileski says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Bluetooth should install alone without any problems.
    What problem do you see with your bluetooth device?

  17. mileski says:

    Hi Tuna,

    The problem is with the formatting of your drive. I think that you have to make first partition to be FAT32, something around 100 mb size, and there you should install your DirectSoftware. But, it is better to read the guide on the Dell website about installing the software.

  18. Tuna says:

    Well i had read the instruction and do it that way. But i just want to know that are you using Dell Media Direct properly on your system?

  19. Scott says:

    Thanks alot for the help. You are awesome and a major time safer. Much appreciated!!!

  20. mileski says:

    Hi Tuna,
    I actually don’t use Media Direct on my Laptop, but considering the problem you are experiencing, I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with the Windows installation.

  21. Trevor Demerse says:

    You saved me a ton of time and money. Thank you!

  22. Bash Vancouver, BC says:

    The Info you Posted was absolutlly the Best and complete.

    Great Post….and greatly Appreciated.
    Take Care

  23. Suban says:

    i have an inspiron 1520 and upgraded to windows 7 32 bit and ecountered a problem with the usb ports and the bluetooth device – it was recognised despite having updated the drivers a number of times on the device manager. there are no drivers on the dell website either so was wondering if u coculd pleaseeee help me.

  24. mileski says:

    Hi Suban, I don’t understand now, were the drivers recognized or not?
    I’ll assume they weren’t. There is some kind of a problem with the Windows 7 installation itself. There are no Dell drivers for the USB Ports. They should be just recognized by Windows automatically. And the Bluetooth device, it should be also, but for it you do have drivers on the Dell website. I suggest you reinstall your Windows 7 from scratch, and see what will happen.

  25. iernei says:

    Does your remote control work? Because mine doesn’t and I don’t know if it needs a special driver or maybe software. Any suggestions?

  26. aghockey says:

    Hi mileski, thank you for this post, it has been very helpful. I have installed all the drivers listed in your first post and this cleared up almost everything except one issue I’m having. It is telling me that there is no device driver for “Base System Device.” I am not sure exactly what this means or if it’s necessary but the only information that it’s offering is under Location it says “PCI bus 3, device 1, function 3.” Any thoughts or ideas on this one?

  27. mileski says:

    Hi iernei,
    yes my Remote works without any problems. Actually it should work without any driver, because the communication goes through the Infrared port. Check your Device Manager, whether there is some device, for which no driver is installed.

  28. mileski says:

    hi aghockey,

    can you check the device under Device Manager, and then under Details -> Hardware Ids, and post it here?

  29. aghockey says:

    Hi mileski,

    All it says under Details is “Base System Device.” It’s not giving me any other information other than that and what I posted in the previous question :-(

  30. John says:

    Hey Mileski & Aghockey: Have very similare issue. Have just upgraded 1520 to Win 7 32bit and the two drivers missing are ‘Bus 3 Device 1 Function 2′ and ‘Function 3′. Any ideas?

  31. Kaballo says:

    Mileski, John & Aghockey: Just installed the Ricoh R5C833 drivers and this solve the “Base System Device” problem, try it…

  32. John says:

    Many thanks Kaballo. Tried Ricoh drivers and although it told me I was already using the best driver for the device (and the SD card reader was working) this has solved the issue!

  33. Ryan says:

    I have also installed Win 7 64bit on my Inspiron 1520. Until I installed the Ricoh SD Reader my Windows Experience Index would not complete. Now it will complete but it the CPU subscore is only 3.0. My processor is Core 2 Duo T7500 2.20 GHz. My memory subscore is 3.8 with 4GB RAM. My video card is Nvidia 8600M with subscore of 4.7 for graphics and 5.9 for Gaming graphics. It seems like the CPU and Memory subscores were a couple points higher atleast with windows 7 32bit installed, but I didn’t take close note of that. Can any of you tell me what your WEI is? My system seems to run well, just want to know if it’s consistent with others

  34. iernei says:

    Processor (T7300 @ 2,0 GHz): 5,1
    Memory (4 GB): 5,1
    Graphics (same Nvidia): 4,7
    Gaming Graphics: 5,9
    Primary Hard Disk: 4,9
    So yes, you have unusually low score for processor and memory.

  35. mileski says:

    Hi Ryan,

    here is my score:
    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7700 @ 2.40GHz 5,9
    Memory (RAM) 4,00 GB 5,9
    Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT 4,7
    Gaming graphics 2047 MB Total available graphics memory 5,7
    Primary hard disk 82GB Free (198GB Total) 5,2

  36. Ryan says:

    Thanks for your replies. Something ain’t right with my system it seems. Any ideas at all?

    I am posting my scores for easier comparison to the your posts above.

    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7500 @ 2.20GHz 3,0
    Memory (RAM) 4,00 GB 3,8
    Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT 4,7
    Gaming graphics 5,9
    Primary hard disk 5,9

  37. mileski says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I read your post, and the first thing it popped in my mind was PowerManagement. There is a good chance that I may be wrong, but getting so slow processor test, and I’m only theorizing, is by limiting the cpu-speed. Check your power options, go to Change plan settings, and then advanced power settings. Check the *Check settings that are currently not available*, and under processor power management, see what it says under maximum processor state. (It should be 100%). And check back here.

  38. Ryan says:

    I’ve done a little more troubleshooting, and findings aren’t good. I don’t know what to think, besides something is definately wrong. I downloaded PerformanceTest 7 64bit and ran it ( out of 6 or 7 runs, it only completed once, with an overall score of 326.3. Similar Inspiron 1520’s are above 2300! The other times I ran it it got to about 70% (DirectX 10 2D tests) and then the application quit.

    I’ve just restored (windows system restore) to when I did the clean install of win7 64bit (Dec 29th) and then loaded only the Richo SD Reader driver and the Video Driver from NVidia and reinstalled The PassMark PerformanceTest. Now the Performance test has completed a couple more times, but the overall system score is still 326.3, although it has completed in a row now.

    Could you download and run the test and post back, or suggest anything else.

    The system is set to full performance power.

  39. Ryan says:

    Correction – running PerformanceTest 7, it gets to about 70% which is “Running [Graphics 3D - DirectX 10]and then quits.

    I remember having downloaded and ran this a couple months back with Windowws 7 32 bit and seem to recall the scores where much lower than expected then too (maybe even lower now – don’t remember details from then).

    Are there any “off line” (i.e. not from windows) benchmark tests to run from a CD that would give an accurate assessment??

  40. predator89 says:

    Well i got a problem while trying to install Windows 7 on my Inspiron 1520 , after i booted from the DvD and i clicked on (install now) the harddisk should appear so i can format, expand …. etc , the problem is it looks like windows7 cant see my hard disk i kept having an error to insert the driver media , i used my driver media cd but also doesnt work so any other driver for windows 7 which i can get to help me in this???
    Btw i installed vista again and i didnt face such a problem while installing Vista.

  41. milo77 says:

    I have dell 1520. And Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
    Ewerything working good but my sound is not clear !!!
    I have a problem with SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio. I hear sometimes “clicks”.I try yours drivers and still i hear clicks.
    Please tell me witch drivers i must use? Nad which for chipsets?

  42. tuhin says:


    i have dell inspiron with windows 7,64bit.i have problem reading data CDs burned with nero.its reading DVDs alright..its shows the folder on the CD but not the picture files.same problem i found on similar other dell inspiron.can u plzz help.

    is this problem because of windows 7? or 64bits? or CDs were burned with nero? or drivers problem?or else
    dell sellers are cluless!!

    thank you

  43. mileski says:

    Hi milo77,

    Mine opinion is that this is not a driver problem, but more likely a hardware problem. Btw, sometimes when the sound is to loud I also hear some clicks, but that is normal, because the speakers cannot withstand such a loud noise. If this is not the case (sound set too high), then you have some other problem, not a driver one.

  44. mileski says:

    Hi tuhin,

    I don’t think the problem has anything to do with Windows, or 64 bit. Have you updated your firmware on your DVD Drive? Try to find, if you have the newest firmware. This can help. And btw, what do you mean with picture files? As I understood, you have no problem reading DVD’s, but the problem is reading only CD’s. Right?

  45. mileski says:

    Hi predator89,

    I think you have a problem with you Windows 7 installation DVD. Something is wrong. Seeing a hard disk from Windows 7 is the same as in Windows Vista. You should not encounter such problems. I’m sure that the installation DVD is broken.

  46. Moeen says:

    Thanks a lot …
    It all works well…..
    Lot of other guys using dell 1520 must be loking for these drivers…lets hope they find ur site…..but why dell people aren’t helping, once solutions u suggested are working…..good job done

  47. iernei says:

    mileski,somehow I’ve managed to miss your answer about remote control.
    Everything was fine in device manager,when I’ve installed windows,except Ricoh driver which was solved via windows update.I replaced a battery in remote so this is not the issue.I also thought it should work without any drivers but it doesn’t.And I know that it works through infrared port,but it is not visible in the device manager or bios.
    Is it possible,that remote control is connected with software i.e. Quickset.Or maybe Media direct,which I didn’t install after installing win 7?I can’t find a solution so I would appreciate further help and advices.

  48. iernei says:

    Oh and btw.SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio.I’ve experienced problems with many different drivers for this sound card.Actually audio on the laptop was fine,but when I connected it with hi-fi system through line-out,bass was lacking (the problem was not in settings).So,the only driver which works for me is version was released for XPS notebook M1330 and designed for vista 64-bit,name of the package is R186858.

  49. iernei says:

    I have solved the problem.I turned off the cellular device in bios and then turn it on again and now remote control is working.

  50. paris says:

    I´m having problems to install nvidia driver for my geforce 8600. Any tested driver?

  51. mileski says:

    Hi paris,

    I’m using Driver version Get the Nvidia Geforce 8600M 195.55, they are fine.

  52. paris says:

    Great mileski! my laptop is working with win 7 and os x OK. (at the moment ;P)

  53. dexter says:

    First of all, great article. Very helpful for the 1520 users. All of the drivers mentioned worked for my specs, except for the video drivers. The only 64bit driver that worked with me was from this

    (don’t use the dell download manager, its a pain in the arse)

    My specs.

    Processor T5750 Merom – 2Gig
    Memory – DDR2 2049mb
    Video – Nvidia Geforce 8600m GT
    HD – 250gig

    Windows Experience Index Scores
    Proc – 5.0
    Memory – 5.0
    Graphics – 4.8
    Gaming Graphics – 4.7
    Primary HD – 5.1

    FYI, i set the HD to ATA inside the BIOS coz i am dualbooting to 10.5.6 OSX.

  54. Miller says:

    Please help on how to install Windows 7 64 bit on Dell Inspiron 1520.

    When I insert install DVD setup proceeds but after clicking Install Now,

    I get a message requesting stating: “CD/DVD drive device driver is missing, if you have a driver floppy disk, CD, DVD, USB flash drive, please insert it now”

    Did anyone also encounter the same problem? If so, please help on how to resolve this.

    I downloaded my copy of Windows 7 x64 from Microsoft e-academy.

    Many thanks in advance!

  55. Jovan says:

    Thank you for the drivers! really great help

  56. Mohammed says:

    Hi All,

    I need your help :(. I recently got updated my laptop from Windows Vista to Windows 7 ultimate. However the problem what i am facing is that , i am unable to use the webcam functionalities. Is there any solution to this, any software to be downloaded.
    Any of your helps will be highly appreciated.

    Please help

  57. Fraser says:

    Hi Mileski.

    I have just inquired about upgrading my Windows XP to Windows 7. I have just been told by a retailer that to run 64 bit, I need 4gb of RAM. I have a Inspiron 1520 2.4GHZ 3.0GB RAM. Should I install the 64 Bit or 32 Bit?

  58. mileski says:

    Hi Mohammed,

    the drivers for your Webcam should be automatically installed from the Windows Update. There is no need for any separate installation.

  59. mileski says:

    Hi Fraser,

    go with the 64 bit, and tell that retailer to go back to school, and learn some additional stuff. The minimum requirement for 64bit Windows is 2 GB of RAM, not 4 GB.

  60. dexter says:

    FYI, the bluetooth drivers are not working properly if you use the existing win7 drivers.

  61. George says:

    Hi, i install the ricoh media drivers and the drivers for the external mic but it doesn’t work when i connect a mic in the left panel a window ask me if what divece i connect and when i choose microphone but still doesn’t work on windows 7

  62. Aza says:

    Thank you. I needed the audio driver because the sound was not very good under win7.

  63. nk says:

    i cannot install the nvidia driver. all the drivers i try to install are said to be not apt for my harware. also 1 gave the error that nvidia could not locate any hadrware component. what to do?

  64. Computers says:

    Hey, I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I like what you have to say. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  65. John says:


    Please help I can’t install Base System Device.

    PCI bus 3, device 1, function 3
    PCI bus 3, device 1, function 2
    PCI bus 3, device 1, function 4

  66. John says:

    sorry omit Base system device for driver installation.

    Please help for this:

    Does my wirless need update for driver? I can’t get internet acess when my laptop is more than 20 feet away from modem box. It works good within 20 feet.


  67. nanny Ogg says:

    Thank you for putting this information and the links up on a website, it is greatly appreciated, my vista dell is now happy with 64bit windows 7, and so am I !! :-)

  68. Aam says:

    Thank you very much, and thanks to those who gave valuable information in their comments.

  69. stefan says:

    Hi all,

    I’m having a problem burning and reading most of the DVDs (CDs work fine)… removed upper and lower filters (found out on another forum that this might solve the issue) and tried to play around with drivers.
    My current driver for DVD/CD-ROM is:
    TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632H ATA Device
    Is that the one I should be having?
    I tried getting PBDS DS-8W1P Firmware A02, just to give it a go, as it is most compatible with inspiron 1520, but it won’t install it as it is only compatible with 32-bit.
    So I’m stick with this one…. Is there a compatible DVD driver of some other inspiron or am i simply looking in the wrong places??
    Thanks in advance….

  70. McZwick says:

    Mileski…this website is awesome. Thank you for taking the time to put it together! Who would have thunk there would be so many 1520 users upgrading to Windows 7 who need help finding drivers. You are a good, good person.
    I’m just going down the list and trusting your links and installing all these drivers.

  71. Fawaz says:

    really helpful effort, thanks a lot

  72. Tadas says:

    Do I really need to install these?

    1. Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility.
    2. Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (earlier called Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager)

    Should I install them? What they do?

  73. David says:

    Microphone not working on Inspiron 1520 even after loading the drivers as above

    “5. If you have problems with the external microphone, or some kind of audio problem, and your audio card is: SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio, then please download the driver here.”

    This was my daughter’s inspiron as she sold it to me when she went over to Mac ;-) The move to Win 7 was done by my geek son in UK, and now I am in South Africa and can’t talk on Skype.

    On skype testing I sometimes get movement on the microphone level bar, but the mute button remains obstinately muted.

    I don’t know how to tell what my audio card is – Windows help only seems to confuse.

    any suggestions for an old duffer?


    [ Everything else seems to work except for
    1. the scroll on the scratch pad, but I prefer a mouse and will live without that (though I see the solution is above).
    2. Base System Device Driver - but I use external readers so not bothered ]

  74. David says:

    Sorted now with above help and sons advice.

    Uninstalled Skype, rebooted and then re-installed Skype and then worked.

    Computers …….. !

    But thanks to this site for getting me in the right direction.

  75. Peter says:

    Thanks so much for your list of drivers for Windows 7. I was having a rough time of it when my audio was haning my Dell 1520, but installed the recommended drivers for both audio and video and it fixed my problem presto. It has been bugging me since I went to Windows 7 and now the system is running perfectly. Anyone who has a 1520 and is thinking of making the upgrade to Windows 7 I found it well worth it. One thing to note is the upgrade of RAM to 4GB. It sped up my system and saved me from going to a better processor. This thing can hold its own with most non gaming systems out there! Thanks again for organizing the driver list that Dell does not have.

  76. Mihael Keehl says:

    I would like to have your children. Thank you so much!

  77. Cafe_racer says:

    Has anyone succesfully got 1520 to run with 8GB ram? I have tried with Patriot NBM 4G DII800 PSD24G8002S R memory and can only get to boot if I install one. I have tried all combinations of DIMM A and B and both memory sticks seem to work when installed alone or with a Kingston 2GB stick. Cannot get mor than 6GB total to boot. It gets about 20% into progress bar (still before I have an oppurtunity to go into setup mode) and then stalls. I would appreciate comments from anyone who actually has 8 GB up and running.


  78. Matt says:

    Hello everyone!

    I have a problem. Something is definitely wrong with my audio device. I run Dell Inspiron 1520 with Win 7 (x64) and I wanted to plug in my guitar to the notebook. Now I can`t even plug-in my mic because my comp doesn`t see it at all! But the most horrible thing is that it doesn`t matter how many times I reinstall Windows, I just can`t fix this problem!

  79. Ernestas says:

    Thank you :)

  80. Smitty says:

    Glad someone made this, thanks for the info and help… everything worked..

  81. Doug says:

    I installed W7-64 on my 1520 today. The driver for the Richo card reader was incomplete as listed at the top of the thread. Also I found that the web cam was inop with messenger, even though the driver was up to date. I had to install the Dell Web Cam manager from the cd that came with the computer. Once a web cam ap was installed, Messenger provided the opportunity to make a video call. Maybe amy compatible cam manager will work, but without one, there didn’t seem to be any chance of getting Messenger to work. Otherwise, the install was typical and MS found drivers that seem to work for everything except the card reader.

  82. eng.methaq says:

    Hello.. can I use The TP-LINK wireless for multi conectin

  83. eng.methaq says:

    plz… how can I install lap web cam for DELL1520
    use windows 7

  84. Doug says:

    In my experience, Windows installed a driver for my wireless card and all I had to do was sign-in to my network just as I did before. If you have the original CDs, you can install the supporting programs, but I don’t believe they are necessary for wireless operation.

    Again, if you have the original CDs, the Web Cam manager will give you additional capability, but I’m not sure you need anything more than the driver. I had trouble with Windows Messenger, but that may have been my inexperience with the program. If one or your contacts is available, then Messenger presents the option of a video call. If no contacts are available, there doesn’t seem to be any way to set up the video cam.

    Look on Dell’s Support site if you don’t have the original CDs. The programs may be available. Also, since my web cam was made by Creative, there may have been software on the creative site that would provide extra capability that the original Dell web cam manager provided.

  85. faraz says:


  86. Jeremy says:

    Hey, just a note to say thanks for posting this! I probably wouldn’t have dumped Vista without seeing this blog post, because I had no confidence that 64-bit drivers were around for this laptop. I had no issues whatsoever, thanks to your links.

    On a side note, your link for #8 is outdated. I think the drivers are still on Intel’s site, but I did not check as I did not need the drivers for #6-8.

  87. Joe says:

    I’ve recently upgraded my Inspiron 1520 from Vista Home Premium to a clean install of Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. Installed the updates recommended by Windows, downloaded the drivers for the GeForce 8600 GT from Nvidia’s website, and had Intel scan my PC and downloaded their recommendation for the chipset. Also installed the Ricoh Card Reader from the Windows Update.

    I’ve noticed with Windows 7 that most of the hardware is supported by Microsoft native drivers, which is running smoothly at the moment. But I feel as if I should update some of the drivers from the manufacturer websites.

    My questions/concerns:
    -Should I install the Dell Notebook Software (read it isn’t really needed on Windows 7, especially if I was to look for the updated drivers myself)
    -Dell Quickset (added functionality with displays when I use the buttons at the front to control volume, fn keys, etc?)
    -Dell Support Center (is it just bloatware?)

    For hardware drivers should I install the following or just let the native Windows drivers do the work?
    -Conexant D330 Driver, Utility, Diagnostic
    -Broadcome 440x Driver, Diagnostic
    -SATA drives, Intel Matrix Storage Manager (is this for the hard drive?)
    -Sigmatel Audio
    -Synaptics touchpad
    -driver for the CD/DVD Sony 24x compact disk
    -driver for the processor, Intel T5250 Core Merom

    One problem that I briefly experienced and read of others having problems was when I installed the Windows Update recommendations for the 1)Broadcom Driver Update for Dell Wireless1390 WLAN Mini-Card 2)Broadcom – Bus Controllers and Ports – Dell Wireless 355 Module with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR Technology. One of these drivers was causing my wireless connection to drop occasionally, and I’ve read on forums it might be due to the drivers being outdated for Windows 7. I’ve done a restore to a pre-install point of these drivers. What should I do, update from another source or leave use the existing Microsoft native drivers?

    Lastly, I’ve read that the Dell BIOS should be updated to version A09 or A10. I checked on msinfo32 and it gave a reading of my version as A00 5/16/2007. Where can I find an update to download, and which version would be best?

    Also, would downloading the drivers from the Dell support website for Inspiron 1545 compatible with Windows 7 64-bit be a good idea, or other models?


  88. Doug says:

    I used all of the drivers that Windows Update provided with the exception of the card reader and the Synaptics touch pad driver and maybe the wireless adapter. I used the generic driver available on the Synaptics web site. It is much better than anything Dell has to offer. I didn’t use Quickset. I installed the web cam software from the original CDs I got with the machine. I see my driver for the 1395 Wireless adapter has a broadcom name on it; I don’t remember where I got it.
    There was also some software that came with the machine for pictures, music, etc, but I uninstalled it when I got the machine and didn’t consider using it with Win 7.

    You can get the bios for the 1520 on the Dell Support website. The curent version is A09 and is a few years old. Check the firmware for your DVD also, there may be an update for it also, but I believe they are usually for newer media, and may not be an issue for you.
    My 1520 works great with Win7-64 on it.

  89. Joe says:

    Thanks Doug. Yeah, Win7 is running great on my 1520 so far. My only concern with the BIOS is hearing from the Dell forum support that in rare cases a failed BIOS update means this PC is going to be finished. Also warned me of downloading the firmware for the Sony CD/DVD, if it goes wrong then the drive is messed up?

    My main question would be the driver for my Intel Core 2 Duo T5250. I noticed most other systems shipped with Win7 already installed has Intel drivers, while I have the native Microsoft drivers for the processor. I’ve already downloaded the Intel chipset drivers, should I also try to find the Intel drivers for the processor (if so, where?), or should I just use the Microsoft drivers? Would I get better performance with an Intel driver for the processor? Thanks

  90. Doug says:

    The possibility that a BIOS update can go wrong and leave you with a paperweight is a standard warning that applies to about any flash memory update. I have updated BIOS in several motherboards as well as my laptops and routers and have never had a problem. The possibility of a problem is very real if you loose power while the flash is in process. For a laptop with a battery that will run the machine even for a few minutes, the risk is much lower (approaching zero if the machine doesn’t have a history of flaky operation and intermittent hangups). It is something that you have to do with care and read the instructions carefully, and proceed only when you are confident you understand the instructions. For the Inspiron, if I remember correctly, the flash update program operates from Windows, and that is always easier than a DOS based update. Just make sure you run the update after you boot and have minimal other things going running on the machine when you run it. You can probably run the program from the SAFE mode.

    I think I am using all the processor/chipset drivers that were furnished by Windows. I remember updating the some of the drivers from the Intel site, but that was probably before I installed Win 7. I doubt that you are going to get any performance boost by getting later drivers from Intel. I always like to have the latest drivers, but sometimes driver updates are to include newer hardware and bug fixes (that you might not have seen). It seems to me there isn’t much to gain or loose with the intel stuff. For the BIOS, there is a real risk, but probably a real gain too. Look at the update history for the BIOS and see if the changes involve anything that you think you might need.

    My 1520 is using the A09 BIOS. I probably updated it a couple times since I got it.

  91. Joe says:

    Thanks again Doug. Finally, would the XP Mode for Windows 7 Professional work on my 1520? I have the Intel Core 2 Duo CPU at 1.5 GHz. From what I’ve read it’s an issue with weather the CPU supports virtualization.

  92. Doug says:

    I don’t know anything about XP mode, but I’d be surprised if it didn’t work on the 1520. I have a vague memory about a setting in the BIOS that I didn’t understand, that could be involved. I did a search on virtualization requirement and found a Microsoft page that tells all about it.

    Post a note if it works!
    FYI, I put a 64G SSD in my 1520 and the overall performance improvement and response is noticable. I still have plenty of space for the stuff I keep on it. My Core2 Duo is 1.6 GHz and there’s 2G RAM.

  93. Ema says:

    Hey. my DELL INSPIRON 1520 just got win 7 system 32-bit and… it can not find wireless connections. It says that there are no base system device driver or smth like that. In device manager I found these details:

    PCI bus 8, device 1, function 1, code 28


    Hardware IDS

    Could You help me with any drivers that would be helpful? :> I am desperate about this!
    Thanks a lot!

  94. Doug says:

    My first thought would be to get the original Vista driver from the Dell website, and see if it will work. Many vista drivers will work with Win 7. If it does, then you can try Windows Update to see if there is a better one. My 1520 contains a Dell 1395 wireless card and Windows installed the following driver: Broadcom 10/1/2008 V digitally signed by Microsoft. I’m using it with Win7-64.

    I believe there were other wireless cards supplied with the 1520, so the above may be of little use.

  95. Ok, so I installed Windows 7 clean install on my Inspiron 1520 after reading all the great input here. But now it shows that my Recover C: has no more room. Even before I did the fresh install, I had about 40% space on my 160 gb hard drive.

    Can someone tell me what I need to do — I keep getting Low Disk Space error messages?


  96. I realize now what I did — I did the first Windows 7 installation on the Recovery (D) partition drive, which I assume is why I had no more room!

    I’ve now installed Windows 7 on my Local Disk (C:) drive and things seem to be working great.

    I’m just wondering though how I go about removing the Windows 7 Installation on the Recovery (D) partition drive, as it’s completely redlined now (full).

    Can I just delete the files?

    Thanks so much for this blog. I don’t think I would felt confident installing Windows 7 without your blog and the other comments folks have left.

    Thank you. Yael

  97. Kinezu88 says:

    Hello everyone!
    I first want to thank Mileski for this wonderful and very usefull instal tutorial for Win7 on a Inspiron 1520.
    Unfortunatelly there is one sole problem: my video card.

    Let me take it from the top.
    My system config is:
    Dell Inspiron 1520 Notebook
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 Ghz processor
    2 GB DD2 Ram 667 MHz
    120 Gb Toshiba HDD
    Geforce 8600m GT video card with 256MB

    Before i’ve upgraded my system to a Win 7 64 bits OS i was running Vista. While i was running Vista i made a terrible decision (i don’t know why i wanted to do that) to connect my laptop to a TV using S-video. From that point i had a checkboard glitch appearing in windows (in places where shadows or transparancies or 3D content are rendered) or games. I’f i don’t use Aero of course all these glitches disspear in windows, in games no modification still having this symptom. If you check on google this “checkboard glitch” you will see what i am talking about.

    Well i formated the laptop, installed Win7 on 64bits….installed all the drivers thanks to you….but that annoying glitch didn’t went away….i installed the latest nvidia drivers but nothing….the only solution that i found on the net was to dissable one of the pipeline of pixel shaders on my video card using Riva Tunner. It’s ok but it’s like having a handicapped video card and it’s annoyning.

    If i use the standard windows 7 driver (standard Vga display driver) i have no such glitches.

    Another strange thing when i am running the latest nvidia drivers is that my notebook is detecting two monitors a pnp display and a non pnp display. Beliave me i dont have instaled another display is only one :)….i can’t get rid of that non pnp display i disable it, uninstall it but after a reboot it is back into place.

    I tried every thing i know to solve this problem…i suspect that the checkboard glitch and the double displays problem are somehow interconnected.

    Please can anyone help me with this…..of please of please it is very annoying guys….

  98. Kinezu88 says:

    Anyone?? any ideas?

  99. Muhammad Sami says:

    Thanks alot bro….. It works great..

  100. Lucas Fruchtman says:

    recently, i installed windows 7 64bit and upgraded my ram to 4gb (2 in each slot), new 9cell battery, and a hard drive which is 500gb SATA at 7200. Everything went fine and was working well. About a week later, my track pad stopped registering my touch. The cursor won’t move, but the two buttons work. Luckily, I have a wireless mouse which works flawlessly and gets me by. However, for the last two days, I have been trying to get it to work again. It worked earlier and now it doesn’t. I have tried EVERYTHING. It leads me to suspect that it’s a hardware failure. Before I send in my computer for repair, does anyone have any other suggestions?

  101. Doug says:

    From my limited experience and what I have seen in a friend’s Acer laptop, as well as my Acer netbook, there is a switch that allows the user to switch between the trackpad and an external mouse. I believe the switch is usually activated by the combination of the function key (Fn on 1520) and another key. Check the user’s manual to see if there is such a switch on the 1520. Activating the switch disables the touchpad; there’s no reason to expect that the buttons would have to be disabled by the switch.

    If you can’t find the switch, then I would check the BIOS setup to see if there is any mouse disable setting in the BIOS. I would try to uninstall the trackpad driver, disconnect the mouse, reboot and give it a try. If that doesn’t make any difference, reinstall the latest driver from the manufacturer. Uninstalling the original driver may put control in the hands of a basic windows driver. The track pad on my 1520 is a Synaptics pad and it works well with the newest generic driver from Synaptics. The Dell furnished driver never had enough gain and the latest one is a bit better and has a lot more features. Check the documentation with the latest driver to see if there is a function key switch mentioned.

    One more thing I would wonder about, since you said you replaced the battery is if the internal battery that keeps the CMOS alive might have sagged so low that the BIOS settings were partially corrupted. This could occur if you let the 1520 sit around a long time with discharged main battery. The CMOS battery is under a plate on the back of the machine.

    I’m sorry if my suggestions ramble a bit, I wouldn’t rush into a repair scenario. It’s possible it died, but I would exhaust every other possibility before I let anyone take my machine apart.

  102. eduncan911 says:

    Thanks buddy! All drivers worked and saved me the long and boring hassle of tracking each and every one of them down for Win 7 x64! If you had a donate button, you’d have a few bucks.

    Upgrade the 1520 to a T9500 CPU, 4 GB ram, and low-grade SSD. Win7 scores jumped from the 3-ish range to everything in the mid-6s now (SSD at 7.2). Only thing is the graphics, at a I-cannot-change 4.9.

    You gave new life to the wive’s laptop for xmas!

  103. mark says:

    Hi all.
    I have installed win 7 on my inspiron 1520 and i see 1 or 2 per day the blue screen and sometimes firefox crashes.
    I have not installed any drivers or uncompatible programs.
    i looked into dell website and i saw it was not listed as the compatible for 7.
    What is the matter ? it s not recomended to be installed on inspiron 1520 ?
    If not which of my hardware should be improved ?

  104. mark says:

    its 32 bit by the way… thanks…

  105. eduncan911 says:

    @Mark I had the same bluescreens. It’s the chipset. Installing the one he linked to here in this post fixed it!

  106. mark says:

    the 7. Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility for the GM965 mobile chipset? thank you so much eduncan911

  107. eduncan911 says:

    Yep, that’s the one.

  108. Noah xx says:

    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

    The information provided in this thread has been absolutely great. All of it. Having just helped a friend in need install the chipset driver utility listed here, BSOD’s have gone, and peace and happiness is flying around the room. Stress gone, as in gonny gone, blue skies are back, (even if it is raining) but most of all, the dell inspiron 1520 is shining bright again, and has been on for hours and hours without a hitch.

    Thankyou again and again and again for this posting. Shame on you Dell for a complete lack of support!

    But………………..It’s great to know that you can always help anothers need without great expense you! Full credit to you.


  109. Venkat K says:

    I had installed Windows7 ulitmate on my Dell inspiron 1520. Since then it keeps on crashing very frequently. Not able to figure it out the reason why it is crashing. Can you please help me how to fix it?

    Thanks & Regards,

    Venkat K

  110. eduncan911 says:

    @Venkat: As I mentioned in the comments above, and another person, we kept getting crashes to.

    Until I upgraded the Intel Chipset drivers, straight from Intel’s website (see link in his original post above). Since then, it’s been absolutely stable.

  111. Richie says:

    Great Site!! I am in the process of upgrading a Inspiron 1520 from Vista 32 to Win 7 64. Your site has helped a lot. But I am still having trouble getting a video driver to work. An the asset tag is worn off so having trouble finding which video card is in it. I went to the link you posted but it has multiple drivers posted. An Nvidia site for 8400 or 8600 say that they aren’t compatible. Any suggestions

  112. Doug says:

    Did you try the drivers for the Intel 965 Express video?
    That is what is in my 1520, and I believe Windows installed a suitable driver during installation of Win7-64. Did you open the device manager, select the Display adapter and have Windows search for an updated driver?

    I’m using Win 8 on my 1520 now and it installed a driver automatically for the 965 video. It is v8.15.10.2548 dated
    10/4/2011. Win 8 installed without a hitch, except I had to load the driver for the Ricoh card reader. Win 8 works well on the 1520, but for my uses, I don’t think I would pay for an upgrade from W7 to W8

  113. mical k says:

    great site
    i just put windows 7 on my inspiron 1520
    i am having trouble with 2 things
    a. i cant get my media buttens to work and cant find drivers for them
    b. i am not able to conect to my t.v. wich i could when i had the xp on
    have any ideas?

  114. Doug says:

    I can’t offer any suggestions, but I wonder if you installed W7 as a clean install or as an upgrade or other method that preserves the old data and installation.

    My preference is always a clean Install (which wipes the partition by formatting it), but that requires another disk or partition to copy your data onto.

    I installed W7 and W8 onto my 1520 (on different HDs) with a clean install each time. In both cases, Windows installed about everything required except for the SD card reader and maybe the web cam. I haven’t tried the web cam on W8 yet.

  115. mical k says:

    i did full wipe but meanwhile i got tings going

  116. Boniface Xavier says:

    I’ve installed windows 7 32 bit on my Dell Inspiron 1520, and i want to install the drivers needed for it. can the drivers for 64 bit work or should i download separate? I need the bluetooth and the intel chipset drivers……audio and webcam are functioning. Can you please help?

  117. Vlad says:

    I LOVE you.
    I think I looked for that damned sound driver for 2 hours. Grr google not indexing the worthy websites first…

  118. Bony says:

    Thanks to Mileski. My computer is now functioning well. Blue screen errors have become a rare event. And the PC has improved its performance. I found the necessary base system drivers from here. The intel chipset drivers were available as an update via the Windows Update. The bluetooth module is not working…but I don’t need it too.

    To Vlad: The sound drivers can be directly downloaded from the DELL support website: support, or you can get it fixed by opening the device manager and then running the troubleshooter.
    If your device is listed, then maybe you can select it and apply the fix.


  119. DALE says:

    hi mileski, i upgraded my 1520 to windows 7 32bit and i downloaded need for speed world and when i try opening it after the installation it gives me a no directx device found error. ive downloaded the latest directx drivers and i downloaded the video driver from your blog for 32bit win7 but nothing is working. any way you can help me with this?

  120. Vostro user says:

    Grazie mille!

  121. еее says:

    СПАСИБО !!! ДРУГ !!!

  122. Vincent says:

    Thanks so much!!. Gr8 article, keep up the good work.

  123. Satish says:

    Thanks a lot, I never found Dell driver so easily.

  124. Joe says:

    Installed Windows 8 Enterprise RTM version a few weeks ago on the 1520. Seeking advice on drivers. Windows 8 runs great, ultra fast boot times, etc. Here’s what’s happened so far:

    Dell Inspiron 1520
    Intel Core 2 Duo 1.5 ghz
    2GB RAM
    64G Samsung SSD SATA3 Hard Drive
    Nvidia GeForce 8600m GT

    Initially installed Windows 8 Enterprise 64-bit. Boots up fast, moving from screen to screen is smooth, just a great system. Then it started to shut down by itself after about an hour. Change power settings to never sleep. Installed Chipset, Nvidia driver for 8600m GT, Synaptic touchpad, but wasn’t able to install Intel Rapid Storage Manager.

    Last week, did a fresh install of Windows 8 Enterprise 32-bit, everything is running good, no more shutdown problem. I’m wondering if Windows 8 64-bit was too much for my 1520, though I was running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit just fine before Win8. I haven’t installed any new drivers with Win8 32-bit, the native Microsoft drivers seem to be working fine, and it’s actually already got the Nvidia driver already and the performance score for the graphics card seems to have the proper driver (I had to manually install the Nvidia driver when I upgraded to Win7).

    Question, anyone have recommendations on which drivers I should install on the 32-bit Win8? Was the 64-bit Win8 too much for my system or did I need more than 2GB of RAM? Requirement for Win8 64-bit was 2GB of RAM, while only 1GB RAM for 32-bit. Anyone else tried installing Win8 on their 1520?

    Eagerly waiting to hear and share thoughts

  125. Doug says:

    I have Win 8 32 RP on my 1520. It has about the same config as yours except Intel graphics and a HD. It runs OK. Prior to Win8, I had Win7 64 on a Samsung SSD, running without any problems. I have Win 8 64 RP on a HP DM1-3010NR with 2G RAM and it runs without a hitch.

    I believe the only driver I installed on the 1520 was the one for the Ricoh card reader. Everything else is Win8’s choice. I’ve put Win8 RP 32 on several computers and never bothered to look for any drivers beyond what windows chose, or in the rare case that it couldn’t find a driver.

    I have to wonder if you didn’t have a glitch during the install of Win8 64. It’s my understanding that no new drivers are required between Win 7 and Win 8. I don’t know where I got that though. Maybe it’s worth trying Win8 64 again and see if it will duplicate the condition? Maybe a quick format on the drive if you don’t routinely do that already?

  126. Joe says:

    Thanks Doug! Great answers as always. Yeah, I’ll just got with the Microsoft native drivers for Win8 32. I might install 64 at a later date if I decide to upgrade my RAM. Do you know if my 1520 will be able to recognize more than 4GB of RAM if running Win8 64? I’ll probably try this after my 90 day trial is up.

    The wonder if upgrading my wireless card driver would be a better option?

    So far loving Win8 even on my old 5yr old DELL, the 1520 sure has been reliable.

  127. Doug says:

    Joe, I recently replaced a 1G with a 2 gig RAM module in my 1520. It was one I took out of my netbook when I sold it. I checked the Dell site before I replaced it and I think that I remember seeing that 4 G is tops for the 1520. I have a 2G and 1G RAM module in it now. I guess that messes up the dual channel capability, but it runs fine. I never had any problem running Win7 64 on two computers here with 2 G RAM. Win 8 has a lighter footprint from what I understand. It may be a bit faster with more memory in some instances, but I have time to wait. There is one penalty with more ram and that is longer times in and out of hibernation.

    A wireless update might do you some good, if you are actually running below the max data rate of your plan. In my case, with a 3Mbps connection, G wireless is fast enough for even streaming Netfilx. I get a 400 KBps download speed from either wired or wireless here.

    You said Win 8 Enterprise. Is that the soon to be released version?
    Any notable changes? I’ll stick with Win 7 64 on the 1520 and go with 8 on a couple desktops and the HP dm1 here.

  128. Joe says:

    Doug, the Win 8 Enterprise free 90 day trial I’m using is the Release to Manufacturer version, so it’s the final version. I’ll probably do some updates towards the end of the trial just to see if there’s any difference, like Wifi.

    The RAM limit on the 1520 has always puzzled me. DELL claims the system can only take 4GB max, but since the system originally shipped with Vista 32-bit, that might be what was capping the system at 4GB (really 3.5GB). With Win7 and Win8 64-bit systems on the 1520, I suspect it might be upgradeable to 8GB of RAM? I know this is all theoretical until someone actually tries it, haha, and I probably won’t be upgrading any parts soon.

    What a huge difference in performance running the 1520 on the Samsung SSD huh? That’s probably the best upgrade decision I’ve made, and I’ll never go back to a spinning hard drive on any future PC purchase. Even considering upgrading my DELL Mini Hackintosh to an SSD hard drive!

    Thanks Doug for sharing your Win8 experience, I’ll keep posting any changes on my end.

  129. Doug says:

    Joe, Thanks for the update. I’ll be looking for your continuing experience. I was looking on some Win 8 forums, and I think I remember seeing something about problems with W8-64 on some systems. I wish I had DL the 64 bit version initially. I guess I was more interested in file size. I finally did it for my HP dm1

    When I was looking for SSDs, I was surprised at the range of power consumption between those available. I chose the Samsung for my 1520 and netbook because of the power consumption. In a desktop, I don’t much care what it consumes. But, in a laptop, if battery life means anything, then the nod goes to the low power consumption device.

    I have a question for anybody that cares to answer, and that relates to dual boot and pagefile.sys. I’ve tried the following and it seems to work, but I don’t know if I would recognize it if it didn’t.

    In a dual boot system, since only one system is used at a time, it seems like you might/should be able to share the page file between the two systems, thus saving several gigs on a smallish SSD. For starters, on both W7 and W8, the page file is called pagefile.sys. I assume (but don’t know that) the file index is cleared with each boot, so there shouldn’t be any carry over from a previous use. I set the pagefile to the same fixed size on both w7 and 8, and set the max/min to the same values so the file doesn’t change size.

    It seems to work, and from what I can tell using Perfect Disk Defrag program, the page file doesn’t get fragmented (as Iit does in other configurations) when the min/max size is the same. Anybody have any ideas or thoughts about this? The reason I cared about fragmentation is in one desktop, I have W7 on a HD and W8 on an SSD.

  130. debra1533 says:

    At the request of Seven forum’s Anthony I was forwarded to your blog related to 1520 (Dell) driver updates for Win7Pro 64bit software. I found the items listed by you helpful, but here’s my problem-
    Win 7 was freshly installed on my laptop on a brand new 160 gb hard drive. 1st fresh install was Win Home ver 7 32bit. (After installing 32 bit , realizied I mistakenly installed Win 7 32 bit Home version. Product key revealed original software was Win 7 Pro 64bit. Keyboard problem did not occur with 32 bit version. Once I installed the Pro 64 bit version the keyboard was non Product key problems revealed original laptop Windows was Win64 bit, Proversion. Pro was installed. Keyboard worked fine with 32 bit install and unresponsive; after 64 bit install. Touch pad works.
    I carefully removed and installed brand new laptop keyboard. Same identical problem. Non responsive laptop keyboard. Suspect this is a software problem but unable to know which/what software driver may be compatible with 64bit Win 7Pro version.
    Welcome any ideas or links debra1533

  131. Joe says:

    Hi Debra,
    How did you install the Win 7 Pro 64bit? if you’re burning an image onto a DVD disc, factory DVD Wind 7 or USB stick? I’d try a fresh install with a clean USB stick (I know less is required but try an 8gb USB stick). Try running it without updating drivers, test it out with the Microsoft native drives unless you have a Nvidia graphics card. After a lot of trial and error, the most essential update drives for my 1520 was the GeForce 8600GT M graphics card, intel rapid storage, intel chipset, dell quickset, and synaptics touchpad. Didn’t update the wireless drive. Try a fresh install with a USB stick if you haven’t already

  132. [...] Posted on 27/10/2012 by jmlopezmartinez Descarga de controladores para Windows 7 de 64 bits de este portátil deDell, no disponibles desde su sitio Web identificando el modelo con suService Tag, por cortesía de Mileski. Descarga: Dell Inspiron 1520 [...]

  133. Michelle says:

    Hi. I have done the same thing as you in terms of upgrading my dell from vista to window 7. It’s been about a year since I’ve done that and it’s been working fine. But recently, I keep getting the message that the display driver has stopped responding and has succesfully recovered, etc. My computer blacks out, freezes and comes back bt the pages are completely frozen and blank. I was hoping that you can help me. I’ve updated the display driver (Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family). I’ve tried to download the Nividia, but it always say that the laptop is not compatible for it.

  134. Doug says:

    You used both Intel and Nvidia when referring to the display driver. Your video hardware is made by either one or the other, and If Nvidia doesn’t work, then your hardware is likely Intel video. If you didn’t make any changes to video drivers before you started having the problem, it is possible that the hardware is intermittent and changing drivers won’t likely help.

    There are only two things that could be the problem: hardware or software. The driver is the obvious software item. The video hardware or the laptop cooling system could also be the problem.

    One way to see if the driver software is a problem is to uninstall the video display driver and the laptop will revert to a generic Microsoft driver. It won’t give you full capability, but it will be usable. If you still have a problem, then the problem is likely in the driver.

    If you want to try different drivers and you aren’t sure what kind of video hardware is in your laptop, uninstall the current display driver and let Windows Update search the web and suggest a driver for it. A generic Microsoft driver will work until you get one with full capability for your hardware.

    Another thing you can try is to download a copy of the latest Vista drivers for the 1520 that Dell has on its support site. In my experience Vista drivers work on 7 as well as they did on Vista.

    If the fan or the air intake vents are fouled, then a temperature increase can cause the hardware to have the kind of problems you describe. Cleaning the fan and/or the air intake vents might solve the problem also. If the fan is not turning fast enough and not moving enough air, then it might have to be replaced. If the laptop has been operated a lot with inadequate cooling, then there might be damage that can’t easily be corrected.

  135. Doug says:

    OOPs, I made an error above ….. (the generic driver) won’t give you full capability, but it will be usable. If you still have a problem, then the problem is likely in the driver.

    What I meant to say is that if you use a generic driver and still have display problems, then the problem is NOT likely the driver (but rather a hardware problem).

  136. debra1533 says:

    It was so informative reading this blog. I’m relieved to have read today’s (when I received it) response by Doug. It addresses my problem arising from fresh install of win 64 bit to new hard drive & losing keyboard and having problem w/ losing keyboard usage. I have had zero success w/ dell as nothing has been provided for Win 64 bit upgrade. Initially my Dell1520 came w/ Vista and same win 64 bit upgrade. 2 great ideas Doug’s reply gave was – 1- to install Vista drivers and 2- to check cooling fans. I believed only solution was to address it w/ Chipset drivers (no solution so far that it even exists.) Now there exists 2 Very practiical methods, I can’t wait to try it. Thank you Doug and the 10/25/2009 initial submission. Debra1533

  137. Ernest says:

    Hello. I want to install windows7 Profesional in my laptop. When I enter into the website (that you wrote) to look for the driver for my “NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT”, I don´t know which I have to download for windows7-64bits. The last one? the certified one? I need to know what is “WHQL”? I hope the answer. Thanks and sorry for my bad English, I am spanish.

  138. Ernest says:

    I already tested some drivers (version 305.53 and 302.92) and it doesnt work. I cant install it because ‘the software cant find the hardware especified’. Can someone help me????

  139. Doug says:

    Did you try allowing Windows Update to find a driver? If you haven’t, open the DISPLAY ADAPTER entry in the Device manager, select properties, Driver, and select Update Driver. Let Windows search on the internet for a driver. In my experience, that usually works.
    You may have to uninstall and remove all previous drivers to get it work best, before you search for a new driver.
    Buena Suerte

  140. AndreiV says:

    For those interested, I successfully installed Windows 8 Pro 64 bit on the dell inspiron 1520. For the Ricoh devices and the sound device, the drivers listed here work just fine. The NVidia driver from the official site works great for the video adapter. I also installed the SATA driver from Intel.

    All the other drivers are default.

    The CPU is a little slow for Windows 8, it only scores 2.1 points in the system assessment, but in my opinion it works very well overall.

    My 4 year old child uses the computer and she is very happy.

  141. Doug says:

    I also installed Win 8 pro 64 on my 1520 as a clean install. The only driver I installed was the driver listed above for the Ricoh card reader. Everything else was furnished by windows. I used Win 8 RP on it for quite a while, and was happy with the performance. With the lower resource requirements of Win 8, the 1520 seems to run a lot better than with Vista or Win 7.

  142. david says:

    love u man! thanks a lot :)

  143. debra1533 says:

    Thanks – so kind to post. I have, since win 7. 64 bit pro install (original hard drive w/stock software died.)

    All is fine -but- my keyboard does not work. My touch pad and all else are fine. I replaced keyboard as I have so many times before on Dell laptops. Exact same response – nothing
    I did obviously, do a fresh install of win 7. 64 bit but have done nothing but the basics before adding much else (like internet set up, various protection such as Vipre, Malwarebytes, Ccleaner etc. ). Via Seven’s website I’ve run every sort of test they tossed at me to no avail. If anyone @ Milewski’s or readers have any ideas I’d love to hear them. I’m pretty tired of lugging around the mini keyboard and would love to use the laptop’s own keyboard. Thanks. Deb

  144. AndreiV says:

    My suggestion is to boot the laptop from an Ubuntu or other linux CD and see if the keyboard works, to rule out any driver issues. It it still doesn’t work, I’m afraid it is a keyboard controller issue and you cannot do anything about it since the controller is on-board so you would have to change the mainboard.

  145. Doug says:

    Another choice is to try to get into the BIOS. If you can, then part of it pair works, If you can’t then it’s either the keyboard or the main board as Andrei says above. I’d try both.

  146. debra1533 says:

    Another choice is to try to get into the BIOS. If you can, then part of it pair works, If you can’t then it’s either the keyboard or the main board as Andrei says above. I’d try both.

    Part of this is missing part or whole words to compete your thought (so I can try this; your arguement is not clear I.e. If this or if that? I can get into bios using plugged in external keyboard. The main board is Bios motherboard or are these the same? Not sure what you both meant. Thanks. Debra1533

  147. Doug says:

    What I meant to say is that if you can get into the BIOS using the built in keyboard, then the keyboard has to be doing something. If you can’t get into the BIOS using the keyboard, then it’s not likely that booting another OS will make any difference, since there are no drivers involved other than the BIOS at that level. I assume you have looked at the keyboard connector closely to make sure that the connections are OK. If you could verify the keyboard somewhere else, that would go a long way to isolating things. I’m about out of ideas, I’d still try the Linux OS as Andrei suggests. I’d look for mechanical problems with connectors/ribbon cables. I suppose it’s even possible that the BIOS has a few corrupt bytes that affects things, but that is really grasping at straws.

  148. debra1533 says:

    Thanks so much Doug, I did understand what you meant. A friend saw I have the basic version of Bios and updated it to ver 6 or 7. For about 4 minutes the keyboard worked then stopped. However, It stopped working and within an hour my computer crashed and kept crashing so I allowed it to work w/ an earlier version (Bios #1 I presume,) and its been working just fine ever since. Any idea how I can repair (reinstall) the originak Bios and what version of updated Bios would work without crashing. Thanks so much – with your help I agree – the source is Bios. It explains why keyboard worked for a short time when no other operation effected the keyboard. I welcome anyones input. By the way Oct 12th 2012 (I hope t he day is correct) is when I began asking for help and the original posting is here. Thanks so much Debra1533

  149. Doug says:

    Debra, The latest BIOS for the 1520 is A09, dated in 2008. It is listed on the screen at boot time. I don’t think it makes much difference what you have, but I don’t understand the BIOS revs you listed. If there is any doubt, get the latest BIOS. I really don’t think the BIOS has anything to do with the problem though.
    If I remember correctly, when you started this, there might have been a problem with the cooling fan. Does the fan run at all. If it doesn’t, then all bets are off until you know the CPU temp is being controlled. Overheating can cause a lot of problems you can’t put your finger on, because they come and go, like something quitting after 4 minutes or crashing after a while.

  150. says:

    “Dell Inspiron 1520 – Windows 7 64 bit drivers | Mileskis Weblog” in reality got myself hooked on ur web page!
    Iwill probably be back significantly more often.
    With thanks ,Lisette

  151. Lisa says:

    Hello fellow 1520 owners! I’m glad I found all of you. It makes me feel like I’m not flying solo.

    Hey I’m ‘preparing’ to take the leap of faith from WinXP Pro SP3 to Windows 7 64 bit [I haven't figured out where to get Win7 64bit download yet, but working on it ...also need to determine which 'version" I want "pro"? (is OS going to be free or ???)].

    While pre-downloading all the links from Mileski’s 8 steps, I just found out the link in step 8 for Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (earlier called Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager) comes up on Intel’s website as “Page not found”. What specifically do I want to be downloading to install? I tried searching for “18859” and “2101” and “rapid storage technology” but got way too many results to read!

    Can anyone help me on this? Thanks!

  152. Lisa says:

    Hi again. Hey one quick question: On Mileski’s step 4 for NVIDIA GeForce 8600M driver, am I to download both the driver AND the modified INF? Most current driver for Win 7 64 as of today is “Driver 305.53, Date 2012-08-02″ :)

  153. Doug says:

    Lisa, It’s been a while since I put Win7 on my 1520, but I would suggest that you give the Windows Installer a chance to find what drivers It can and then look further if something is not working. There is one thing that I don’t believe Windows will locate, and that is the driver for the card reader. It didn’t on W7 and ditto for Win 8 for my 1520.
    As to finding a download for Win 7, that should be relatively easy. The thing to be careful of is the fact that you have no assurance that you are not going to get something more than you expect when downloading from a non-official Microsoft source (namely a virus or malware). Some time ago, I found a site that offered the an ISO file of Win7 HP with the current service pack included. This was reportedly the official file. I don’t know what site that was on.

    The bigger problem will be to obtain a key that works, and no, a legal installation will not be free, unless you can obtain a key that is no longer used from one source or another and the license permits it to be used on another machine. An install disk without a key is about as useful as a car without a key. Maybe you can find a Win 8 Pro upgrade key that someone wants to sell. It was only $40 less than three weeks ago, but that deal is history. The upgrade requires a activated copy of XP, Vista or W7 be present before it will install.
    Good luck.

  154. Fifi says:

    Good evening all,

    I need to install windows 7, 64 bit on my inspiron 1520, found this weblog and downloaded all eight items, except No. 8. Could anyone help me to find the appropriate link to download this item as well? And also please do let me know only these 8 items would be enough as a complete set of drivers for win 7, 24 for this model of inspiron?

  155. Fifi says:

    Again me! However no reply for my previous question yet :(
    What I should do, if at the time of windows installation I had BIOS A4, now, if I want to update it to BIOS 9, should I reinstall windows?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  156. Doug says:

    You can update the BIOS without affecting the Windows installation.

  157. Fifi says:

    Dear Doug,

    Thank you for your reply. Could you plz tell me how I can do it, as I really do not know. How about my first question? Could you plz assist me?

    Thank you.

  158. Doug says:

    Fifi, If you don’t know how to update the BIOS then probably you shouldn’t. It is just a matter of following the directions in the BIOS update package, however, errors during BIOS updates can turn your 1520 into a paperweight (unfixable) if you get the wrong file or the process gets interrupted.
    As far as Win 7 is concerned, you should consider doing an upgrade, rather than a clean install, because it will preserve most settings for you. Of course, you need an upgrade media and license if you are upgrading from XP or Vista. If you don’t have Win 7 already, consider going to Win 8. It will make your 1520 run better and the driver compatibility is as good as Win 7, except for the card reader, and the touch pad. Get the latest generic driver from Synaptics, if your 1520 has one of theirs.
    Any installation of Windows will find most of the drivers you need; you don’t have to locate them ahead of time. Get only those you need when the new version is installed. Most versions have an upgrade advisor program that looks at your computer and tells you what is/isn’t compatible.
    Try to find help locally, if you can’t find any here. There are a lot of things that make it difficult to assist someone via email, especially if something doesn’t go as planned (and that usually happens).

  159. debra1533 says:

    Re: today’s email of this thread, I had similar situation. Sort of went wrong. 1520 is running win7 just fine. What happened-
    <Lost hard drve
    <Laptop originally had vista
    <Worked w/ win support, installed 32bit win7 and found my laptop had upgraded to 64bit win pro
    <Win techs had me install win7 64 bit
    <Ever since, despite downloading the listed files (in this string) – my keyboard just does not work
    < I have 2x before this replaced Dell keyboards & I installed new keyboard

    I am having to lug around a usb keyboard just to use the 1520. After reading today's string thought came to me – can I load up original Visa w/out negatively effecting running of Win 64 bit? Perhaps that would allow w to use laptop keyboard, the function keys for sound, etc along with the controls for music on the bottom front of the laptop — all of which do not work since the 2nd install of 32 & 64bit windows 7. Welcome any helpful thoughts. I do not have original vista discs.
    Thank you

  160. Lisa says:

    Thank you for your reply (I somehow missed the email notifying me it was there and time got away from me.) I anticipate I’ll just purchase Win7 directly from Microsoft (especially since I haven’t seen it in any stores).

    What you say about letting Windows Installer (or maybe download everything first makes complete sense. I’m guessing this would be AFTER new install of Win7, correct?

    Regarding Step 8 download “page not found”, since we all know that unexpected things do happen, I was hoping to get all Mileski’s 8 downloaded ‘ducks” in a row on my external hard drive before beginning the process of formatting inspiron and then installing W7. I just want to have all the downloads ready and waiting in the wings (especially since so many people here have already found they work).

    CONFUSED: I checked out a book from the library (“Switching to Microsoft Windows 7: The Painless Way to Upgrade from Windows XP or Vista”, by Elna Tymes & Charles Prael, © 2010.) In it, it says Vista is a required interim step (can’t go directly from Win XP to Win7). That doesn’t sound like what everyone is doing here, though. Is Vista ONLY required as an interim if I wanted to keep my settings and stick with 32 to 32? I’m planning on doing a clean install of Win7 64 (currently have WinXP 32). I don’t need Vista, right?

  161. Doug says:

    You are correct about a clean install. There is no part of the original OS that survives a clean install and no OS need be present, unless you have purchased an upgrade license, and in that case a valid MS OS must be in place, even if you do a clean install during the process. I prefer to format the partition during in the install process, but that requires you move all of your personal data to another location. It’s a preference, not a requirement.

    If you are going to purchase an OS, I recommend Win 8 rather than 7. W8 requires less resources than 7, it is more secure, and has a lot of features that are a giant step up. You can find a lot of negative comments about Win 8, but most are bogus. Vista was scorned too, but it was (and still is) a giant step up from XP. W7 was just a tweak from Vista. W8 is a major change, but anything that ran on W7 will run on W8, and you get that great start screen and apps beside.

    I have W8-64 on my 1520. I installed it as a clean install and Windows found all the necessary drivers except for the card reader, which is available from Dell. If your touchpad is by Synaptics, then get the latest generic driver from their site. The one installed by windows works OK, but I found the new one is better. When the install is finished, look in the device manager for any problem devices. Expect to see an error due to the card reader, but probably nothing else.

    The only way you can have two Operating Systems on a computer is if the hard drive is partitioned and you are allowed to choose which to boot when you start the machine. I listed a place you can find install media for W7. Maybe Vista is available there also. You can try a clean install of about anything, but if I remember correctly, it sounded to me like the keyboard problem was due to hardware, and that isn’t going to be fixed by an OS install. I would try to find the diagnostics that Dell packaged with that computer before expending much more effort. If you run any competent diagnostic package, and the keyboard test fails, it is hardware, not the OS. Maybe it’s fixable (like a cable), maybe not.

  162. debra1533 says:

    DOUG – the Keyboard Issue was determined to be software related (why existing and new keyboards did not function, also I have installed many and not a user error.

    Since the function keys don’t work, neither do the many operations utilizing function key strokes. The lower face of the laptop’s sound/music buttons no longer work. These worked prior to the death of the hard drive and I had zero problems. I was thinking out loud — considering, that initially there was Vista, then Win 7 64bit Pro. Then I begin all over with Win7 32bit, then Win 7 64bit with Vista missing. Neither a computer tech, nor Windows Support nor myself gave any thought to loading up Vista first before Windows 7 64bit. My question was asking you whether restoring Vista to provide the missing software funtions, is a viable consideration. thank you Debra PS if you want you can attach this to my original string.

    ORIGINAL STRING – last post Jan 2013
    Dell Inspiron 1520 – Windows 7 64 bit drivers

    I have installed the new Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit on my Dell Inspiron 1520 Laptop. I can only say that it was worth installing it. 212 more words and 161 comments

    3 years, 4 months ago on Mileski’s Weblog龜



    At the request of Seven forum’s Anthony I was forwarded to your blog related to 1520 (Dell) driver updates for Win7Pro 64bit software. I found the items listed by you helpful, but here’s my problem-
    Win 7 was freshly installed on my laptop on a brand new 160 gb hard drive. 1st fresh install was Win Home ver 7 32bit. (After installing 32 bit , realizied I mistakenly installed Win 7 32 bit Home version. Product key revealed original software was Win 7 Pro 64bit. Keyboard problem did not occur with 32 bit version. Once I installed the Pro 64 bit version the keyboard was non Product key problems revealed original laptop Windows was Win64 bit, Proversion. Pro was installed. Keyboard worked fine with 32 bit install and unresponsive; after 64 bit install. Touch pad works.
    I carefully removed and installed brand new laptop keyboard. Same identical problem. Non responsive laptop keyboard. Suspect this is a software problem but unable to know which/what software driver may be compatible with 64bit Win 7Pro version.
    Welcome any ideas or links debra1533

    October 2, 2012 at 9:09 am


    Another choice is to try to get into the BIOS. If you can, then part of it pair works, If you can’t then it’s either the keyboard or the main board as Andrei says above. I’d try both.

    Part of this is missing part or whole words to compete your thought (so I can try this; your arguement is not clear I.e. If this or if that? I can get into bios using plugged in external keyboard. The main board is Bios motherboard or are these the same? Not sure what you both meant. Thanks. Debra1533

    January 12, 2013 at 12:59 pm


    Thanks so much Doug, I did understand what you meant. A friend saw I have the basic version of Bios and updated it to ver 6 or 7. For about 4 minutes the keyboard worked then stopped. However, It stopped working and within an hour my computer crashed and kept crashing so I allowed it to work w/ an earlier version (Bios #1 I presume,) and its been working just fine ever since. Any idea how I can repair (reinstall) the originak Bios and what version of updated Bios would work without crashing. Thanks so much – with your help I agree – the source is Bios. It explains why keyboard worked for a short time when no other operation effected the keyboard. I welcome anyones input. By the way Oct 12th 2012 (I hope t he day is correct) is when I began asking for help and the original posting is here. Thanks so much Debra1533

    January 13, 2013 at 12:17 am

  163. Doug says:

    Debra, I’ve never had any keyboard problems like you describe, so my suggestions are based on general troubleshooting. This is what I might do. 1. Verify that the latest BIOS is installed in the machine. Make sure it is the BIOS Dell specifies for the 1520 configuration you are using. 2. See how the current keyboard operates within the BIOS. There are a few places you can enter keyboard data within the BIOS. One is the date/time. The other is a password field. Try both of these to see what keys work/don’t work. If the keyboard doesn’t work in the BIOS, I wouldn’t expect it to work correctly in Windows, and there is likely a hardware incompatibility or failure. The other thing I wonder about is the source of the copy of Windows that you installed. Was it official MS media or MS verified, or from some torrent source of unknown contents and origin? If you get to the point of reinstalling Windows, I would consider getting one of the .ISO files I listed above from the Dell community forum. I don’t have any experience with them, but if you don’t have any better, give it a try. If you install the same software, you may have the same problem. If Win 7 isn’t handy, try XP, or Vista, or anything else. That will give a good indication if it is really a software problem. More than once, I have seen a problem incorrectly blamed upon the wrong cause. If you reinstall Windows, try to install it on it as a clean install, or on a newly formatted disk. I’ll be interested in hearing how it goes.

  164. Fifi says:

    Dear Doug,

    Could you please let me know where I can find the BIOS A09 (if the latest)? As previous time, someone from Dell did it and that time I never knew I should have requested for the file for future reinstallation windows!

  165. Fifi says:

    Forgot to ask:
    BIOS is something independent of windows version? I mean, it’s just something related to the system itself?

  166. Doug says:

    Fifi, Your’e correct. The BIOS is contained in a chip on the motherboard of the 1520. It contains the instructions (software) that the processor executes before it goes to the HD and loads the operating system. It is permanently stored in a chip and independent of the OS. It is a not a bad idea to have the latest BIOS, but it won’t prevent you from upgrading and may not offer any advantage. Once the BIOS is installed, the file is no longer needed. Remove it from your hard drive. You can get the A09 release here:
    You can browse the change list of previous BIOS versions. Many times changes are necessary to accommodate newer hardware, CPUs, optical drives, wireless cards, that Dell offers during the production cycle. An upgrade may or may not offer any advantage to your machine. It is easy to upgrade from within Windows. Read the instructions carefully and make sure there is no chance of the machine losing power during the brief upgrade time.

  167. Fifi says:

    Dear Doug,

    Good evening,
    Thank you so much for the link, I’ve downloaded it and just waiting to get help someone locally to assist me, as you mentioned for a person who is not familiar with these stuff, I’m afraid to do upgrade and do not know how to go back to the previous good condition of windows if something goes wrongly.

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  170. Kevin says:

    This information is surprisingly still useful. I have an Inspiron 1520 and am changing things around. Yes it runs win7, but I still can’t figure out why Dell makes it so hard to get drivers for these things.

    Thank you.

    it’s old but only a couple links broken.

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  183. Jim Myers says:

    Hi, great to find this blog. I upgraded my 1520 last year – dual core processor, 4 gig memory, 500 gig hard disk and windows 7 64 bit, no problems with anything, I did a bit of trawling around and found drivers for everything. However I’m doing upgrade part 2 now. Camera module, 5520 WWAN card and Bluetooth. I’ve downloaded the Bluetooth driver set from this blog (thank you for that), I believe the camera will use the standard windows driver, so all I’m left with is the WWAN card – any ideas anyone?

  184. I’ve been exploring for a little for any high-quality articles or weblog posts on this sort of house .
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  185. spawntohell says:

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    First: are 2 variation of this one that has a dedicated graphics nvidia 8400M gs or 8600M GT and is removable and ca be swapped, the other type is with intel crystaline integrated graphics and video cannot be changed. Maximum RAM for both Motherboards is 6GB 4+2 asymetrical dual chanel or 4GB 2+2 symetrical; if you still have a clasic hdd or looking fr upgrade a 7200 rpm will make the difference compared to the 5400rpm but ssd will be taking it speed wise to a far higher level and the need for more ram is not really necessary as the virtual memory of windows will be fast enough and compensate. wi-fi card i use a intel AC7260 and i have to say it makes a hell of difference even tho i am using it only in 2.4GHZ as i need range not ac speeds; i have to mention that i experimented loads of wi-fi modules till i setled. I am also using a Huawei 3G modile network card as this laptop suports it, mine is EM820 4g capable, rarely used but handy when on the move. also the procesor i use for this as an upgrade is intel T9300~(intel core duo 2.5GHZ) but i experimented with a T8100(intel core duo 2.1GHZ) and to be fair is no visible gain. All drivers that win7 32bit or 64 cannot install by default can be found with a bit of google search.Camera and bluetooth can be added also and also usb 3.0 via the expansion card but note do to the power suplied by the motherboard even if is a 3 port expansion or 2 port only one is usable in the same time otherwise the motherboard do to the power dran for the usb will shutdown. if screen sesolution is a issue the screen can be upgraded as a kit inverter= screen gaining higher resolutions.

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